Vision: VISIONARY THINKERS for creating a forward-looking and trustworthy poultry business


Economic sustainability
We are independent, and our solid financial basis and responsible corporate governance – which goes beyond mere compliance with basic legal requirements for companies – underpin our strategic long-term success. Our corporate governance is based on rules of responsible corporate management and control that create long-term value and ensure transparency, thereby building trust among stakeholders.

Social sustainability

We believe in the skills and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. We foster a work environment based on trust and respect.
We value close collaboration between colleagues, as well as with our customers, suppliers and business partners.
Our work environment motivates and inspires our employees. We support them in developing and realising new ideas. We delegate decisions and responsibilities according to competence.

Animal welfare
It is fair to say that Switzerland’s animal welfare standards are based on the most rigorous laws and guidelines. We aspire to meet these standards on all levels and ensure that our suppliers and producers also follow the same standards and philosophy. The well-being of animals comes before profit – and that applies not only to the barns, but also to animal transport and the entire production chain. Wherever quantity is a consideration, animal welfare comes first. We strive for solutions that give priority to the well-being of flocks.

Ecological sustainability
Society is increasingly calling for agriculture to become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

We are working on solutions and searching for ways to reconcile the needs of our customers with market requirements. To do so, we rely not only on technological progress, but on healthy common sense.