Hatchery – Chicks

Our state-of-the-art hatchery provides all the capacity we need to meet Swiss demand for Pullets

  • Brown chicks
    Brown Nick, Bovans Brown
  • White chicks
    Super Nick, Nick Chick, Dekalb White, Lohmann White
  • Sperber
    Bovans Sperber
  • Black
    Bovans Black

Other breeds on request

  • Specially equipped vehicles for collecting hatching eggs
  • Constant monitoring of incubation temperatures as soon as eggs are laid
  • Large capacity for hatching eggs in order to satisfy market demand
  • Well-trained team ensures consistent chick quality
  • Support by breeding organisations in the management of hatching eggs
  • Data on the rearing process are recorded and analysed on a daily basis
  • Traceability and transparency are ensured through controls of all processes
  • Vehicles specially equipped for chick transport guarantee a delivery to the rearing farm strictly in accordance with animal welfare standards
  • Permanent monitoring of temperature during bird transport, with a logger system