Parent Stock – Hatching eggs

Without parent Stock there would be no hatching eggs. The cycle of high-quality production therefore already starts here, with farms that breed the parent birds. Several flocks ensure that we have enough hatching eggs to produce chicks.

Our laying hybrids assure economic egg production. This is monitored statistically on a regular basis – the corresponding calculation tools are made available to us, so that our producers also benefit from the vast pool of know-how.

Egg size and shell quality (important criteria in selecting suitable young hens for egg production) strictly comply with Swiss requirements.

Our laying hybrids are very productive: they provide producers with more egg sales per initial hen.

Our breeding partners engage in highly professional and business-minded research into animal welfare and production. We have access to a continuous stream of new knowledge which we can pass on to our producers.

Rigorous guidelines on hygiene, health and animal welfare apply to both the farming of parent birds and chick production in the hatchery. Hygiene-, Gesundheits- und Tierwohlrichtlinien.