Rearing – Pullets

During the rearing phase, the chicks get used to life in the barn. Effective procedures are essential for guaranteeing their perfect state of health.
The chicks learn to eat, drink and get used to the protected outside area. These critical early stages ensure the birds are able to produce eggs in a stress-free environment once they transfer to the laying facility.

Plenty of poultry farmers are on hand to supervise the rearing of chicks, working closely with Prodavi’s advisory service and GalliVet, a veterinary practice specialising in poultry.

  • Our breeding facilities are not centralised, but spread across the whole of Switzerland in order to maintain high hygiene standards and reduce the risk of disease
  • Our breeding barns can accommodate between 4,000 and 20,000 birds
  • Birds are reared according to our hygiene concept, adopting an “in-and-out” process
  • All the barns have roosting places and protected outdoor areas
  • The rearing farms are supervised by Prodavi’s own advisory service
  • All breeding facilities are supported by GalliVet to protect the birds’ health
  • The Pullets are given vaccine in their drinking water to protect them against the most common diseases
  • Prodavi has a breeding schedule that sets out the conditions for raising the chicks
  • Permanent monitoring and controlling of the breeding process by Prodavi’s quality management system
  • Breeding staff receive regular training to keep their skills up to date
  • Our breeding facilities are Coop Naturafarm, IP Suisse and Nature Suisse certified