Safety is our top priority

Quality management

To make sure we supply the Swiss poultry market with a uniform and consistently high quality of chicks and young hens, we have been working for some years now with a quality management system certified to ISO 9001: 2015. All our processes are checked and reassessed every year by SQS.

Health concept
To ensure a uniform and consistent state of health for all our animals – whether in the area of parent bird breeding, hatching egg production, hatcheries, young hen rearing or egg production – all our facilities operate in compliance with our own rigorous animal welfare concept.

Our animal health concept is based on the following principles:
  • Guidelines for salmonella-free of consumer egg production
  • Guidelines for the health of laying hens
  • Guidelines for hygiene and disinfection
  • Guidelines for the production of hatching eggs
  • Guidelines for chick production
  • Guidelines for rearing young hens
  • Guidelines for animal transport

Prodavi SA’s core product is a living being and this makes it difficult to assess product quality, as external factors have a major impact on the birds. So it tends to be common consensus that leads to a solution in case of problems with the animals. In cooperation with several software companies, a new ERP system was developed that is tailored to Prodavi SA’s in-house processes. This can be used not only for administration and accounting, but also for order processing and planning.

All customer contacts are recorded in the ERP, and the situation on the farm is graded using a traffic light system. This gives the business and sales management team an overview of the current status of customers’ flocks.